Pizza and Misguided Miscreants

“Only hope can give rise to the emotion we call despair. But it is nearly impossible for a man to try to live without hope, so I guess that leaves Man no choice but to walk around with despair as his companion.”

Manglobe house one of my favorite anime series ever made, Samurai Champloo! (amongst others) plus you can’t go wrong with director Shinichiro Watanabe. Following Cowboy Bebop’s jazz influence, music became more than a simple backdrop to Samurai Champloo which intern introduced me to the unique inspiration that is Nujabes and several other artists and producers back in 2004 (Thank you dilah!). These days i’m somewhat withdrawn from アニメ as it’s all really ..your run of the mill or new releases are  just not captivating.

Original pencil art from Samurai Champloo,
Characters and artwork copyright (c) 2004 Manglobe/Simoigusa Champloos

Opening Theme: “Battlecry” Lyrics by Shing02, Produced by Nujabes

More art @AMALGUM

On the other hand, Panda couldn’t wait for some damn Domino’s Pizza! Checking the deliver status every minute! Compared to Pizza Hut, their selection is some what sexy although i bet they rue their decision on removing the Double Decadence from the menu (bastards!).




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  1. […] Bandits #9 ~ one of the many favourite Samurai Champloo episodes recreates these Tengu chasing Mugen down through a forest in such a sick stylised way […]

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