Vaider’s Kicks

While working somewhere in North London, we decided to take in some sun in the garden plus i had my red Supra‘s on (which right now look messed!)

Chillin’ – Images courtesy of the Canon 500D, conversation floating around the xperia X10 we both stole.  Joking, next time you see a person of colour walking by you do not necessarily need to clinch your bag or cross the road.

” The F*ck is that “

If you skate then you can’t go wrong with these. Draped in soft red with hints of white on the heel tab, stacked on top of a white vulcanized sole (for great flexibility), a staple with most Supra shoes finished with two stripes of red along the sole. SupraFoam® midsole with a Two panel toe cap for increased protection plus being a High Top adds the extra ankle padded protection, (not forgetting the padded tongue & heel protection molded into the comfortable high memory polyurethane insole).

Anyway apart from the benefits and practicalities that might be overlooked to the unknowing, these Supra’s look sexy.

Mokujin –

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