Illicit Hypervisor

Update – Mathieulh Decrypts lv0 on Firmware 3.73

– LV2Diag/ObjectiveSuite w/instructions leaked  + etc

In response to the police raid issued by Sony on Graf_chokolo‘s private home in Germany, the publication of his Hypervisor files was assured. “IDA database is the documentation, it contains all my knowledge, Linux booting is also there. It contains all the code i used to patch HV 3.41 and boot Linux. So, PS3 devs, grab it and continue my work.”

The (164mb) archive basically contain Graf_chokolo’s database for the PS3′s Hypervisor and Hypervisor processes; helping other devs to reverse engineer the hypervisor of PS3 further.

On another note, Woke up the other day to the tune of the Metal Gear Solid Codec coming from my phone; Otacon? ..Mei Ling? No, it’s Sony! Here’s a brief piece of the message – “A circumvention device and/or unauthorized or pirated software currently resides on your PlayStation(R)3 system..”

“..Immediately cease use and remove all circumvention devices and delete all unauthorized or pirated software from your PlayStation(R)3 system.  Failure to do so will result in termination of your access..” etc This was sent to a load of other people too.

They were warned not to remove Linux from their system in the 1st place but funnily enough, the organisation are currently facing a lawsuit for the removal of OtherOS (Linux support) from their system. “The proceedings are being conducted under theComputer Fraud and Abuse Act– the same charge as .”

So roll something or just chill, and explore some random selection of

Postdubstep, House, Future GarageMixes

Included in their respective folders within the HV archive are:

– Dump LV2 Reversing – HV Dump of 3.15 Reversing

– HV Dump of 3.41 Reversing – HV Dump of 3.55 Reversing – Payloads

Upload it everywhere so it can’t be removed easily. Overfl0w, Mathieulh, Geohot, Graf, KaKaRoTo, Dark_alex & many more taking one for the team, Peace


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