Your Kung-Fu is Weak!

A brother from another mother, Hip-Fu once said, It’s not an overstatement to say that without the Shaw Brothers there would not have been a kung fu movie industry, such was the importance of their contribution. Before the Shaws machine cranked into action, Hong Kong martial arts and swordfight films were strictly low-budget and usually about Wong Fei Hung.

Hero of the East (1978) – Staff vs Nunchaku

Headed initially by Run Run Shaw, Chow To-Man, and Raymond Chow Wai-Man, Shaw Brothers Studios was Hong Kong’s main movie engine in the 1960s and 1970s. The brothers began by buying up cinemas all over south-east Asia, creating an almost monopoly situation whereby THEY controlled what was shown in those cinemas. Their profits were re-invested back into the company in the form of finance for their own movies, Shaw Brothers Films. These films found a ‘captive’ audience, but as the money poured in from all over Asia it was the increasing quality of the films produced that ‘sustained’ their success.

Pedicab Driver (1989) – Sammo!

Shaw Brothers achieved their first international success when THE KINGDOM AND THE BEAUTY (GONG SHAN MEI YAN) won the Best Picture prize at the Sixth Asian Film Festival. In 1965, it launched the successful ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN series of movies starring Jimmy Wang YuThe first kung fu film to get a general release in the west was “King Boxer”(Aka: Five Fingers Of Death) directed by Chang Cheh and starring Lo lieh.

The Magnificent Butcher (1979) – Lam Ching Ying / Yuen Biao!

Apart from the well known old school Martial Arts films, bellow are a mix of some Trailers & Full movies that will excite. Comedy always mixed well with Kung-Fu; some notable names within this world would be:

Donnie Yen, Gordon Liu, Yuen Biao, Jackie Chan, Kwan Tak Hing, Jet Li, Angela Mao,  Tony Jaa, Sammo Hung, Bruce Lee, Stephen Chow ..& so on

The Shaolin Drunken Monk (1982)

Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow (1978)

Ol’ Dirty Kung Fu (1979)

The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin (1978)

3 Evil Masters (1980)

The Odd Couple (1979)

The Mystery Of Chessboxing (1979)

5 Deadly Venoms (1978)

Flag of Iron (1980)

Invincible Armor (1977)

Executioners from Shaolin (1977)

Shaolin vs. Lama (1983)

There are so many great martial arts films out there be it recent or old, hit or miss! This calls for a PART 2 in the near future.. Not forgetting the top 10 list although if I had to name a film right now, it would have to be The Prodigal Son (1981 – directed and staring Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung al)

which gets a Mokujin score of PERFECT! 9.6

‘For the love of Wu-Tang and old school kung fu flicks, here are most of the classic kung fu movie samples and quotes that inspired the RZA and the Clan. Each sample is set in chronological order of the movie.’


Mokujin ~

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