Stand to attention but let the player keep playing that funk, the General is back. Break in the 80’s House sound (in that Newham Generals, Flying Lotus and Afro Funk infusion).

Furthermore,  you are  not a Grime fan if you cannot spit a D Double E 16 bar. It’s been a while and I haven’t been attending to this space, so I bring you the Low End Theory, Unreleased jams and Artistic flair.

Low End Theory Japan 2010 tour with Nobody, Daddy Kev, Nocando, Free the Robots, Take, TOKiMONSTA and Hashim B — spanning Sapporo, Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka and Takasaki.

Within seconds of hearing that Tokimonsta had plans to release her first official music video, my super broke ass put forward $100 towards not only supporting her musical soul, but the dope-ass design and conceptual work which at this stage had the effects of an imbued child on me. I had to be a part of the project, since my ever dying design passion couldn’t let this pass (besides, the art and intentions of this project looks to be irreproachable and immaculately thought out).

SET ConceptThe Vision:

“We want to capture the characteristic of her music while shining a new light on how music videos are approached. This music video will take people deep into their mind to the spatial and unfocused realm where they can catch things they may not understand when they’re too hyper-aware.” More on the project 

Tokimonsta’s Costume – THE STORY:
“When a female Dream Maker (played by Tokimonsta), whose job is to manage the playlist of a sleeper’s dreams (Gavin-the Singer), accidentally mixes one dream into another, she surprises Gavin into a remixed dream she never knew was possible. When Gavin awakens from her dream, we discover that Tokimonsta has already begun to remix her entire library of dreams together to play all at once.”

Set Concept

Take a look at the development process

The reward – In return for contributing, the team will be sending me some goods; (although I would have loved to be part of the creative process):

    • Special thanks in the credits
    • Personal thank you letter written by TOKIMONSTA
    • Signed copy of TOKIMONSTA’s Midnight menu album
    • Original dream tablet (custom designed prop element TOKIMONSTA interacts with in the music video) 
    • Copy of TOKIMONSTA’s custom Kickstarter Mix + DVD copy of the music video
    • Signed copy of TOKIMONSTA’s analogue Monsta Mix CD
    • Image album from behind the scenes making of the music video
    • One unreleased track by TOKIMONSTA

 http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/47658433/tokimonsta-music-video –

Episode 20: D-Styles and TOKiMONSTA

(Each month  one resident DJ from the Los Angeles-based weekly club night is featured, and one special guest.)

Highlight from Low End Podcast Episode 7

Another more Dubstep favourite from Gaslamp Killer – Sampler, keyboard and some skills!

As for Mael Radec —Colonel RADEC; He stems from a  distant and obscure, indistinct and dismal world; think of FriezaRADEC  is a gifted tactician, but merely a competent strategist. His genius is not in the planning, but in the fighting of battles. He combines situational awareness with a near-perfect assessment of the capabilities of both his own men and the opposing force..

Peace, RADEC

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