Rad3c Academy

Since it seems that iv abandoned this space, Here’s something different. Not so much as random content, rather a more personal instance into one of the many minds behind this cover.

“Yo, man, y’all want to buy a blender?”

The colour green invokes a time where RADEC was left to his own devices, gleaming into a system called the DREAMCAST. The game was Army Men. Those early days when RADEC was but a mere child, the place where children are abandoned till a time suited for collection. The tyranny and rule that RADEC had over each competitor will never be forgotten, such as the system in question.

Army Men can possibly explain the beginning of such destruction held under the recent exploits of Colonel RADEC; like the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas gang war mini game, It more or less succeeds in what it sets out to do, Destruction.

Peace, RADEC

Loosely influenced from a gaming prospective, I cannot guarantee specific content rather something experimental as the mind unravels. Follow through for short ‘reviews‘, references hidden deep (both personal and the unknown; as if written by the unknown), and who knows ..under the name Rad3c.

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