The War Z

It’s been a while. Following a recent encounter with what seemed to be a lone traveler, to then a group of 6 other well armed players appearing from the backdrop of Boulder city’s flooded streets.

The War Z Alpha stage.


After out pacing a group of zombies, I spotted the lone ranger to the side in the distance crawling and snooping while prone. I quickly ducked using the street as cover while exclaiming my lack of tools ..let alone food and water!


To my surprise around 8 other players crawled out of the flooded city’s wood-works. All brandishing M16’s as if the all clear was sounded. To then have them hand me some rations and a melee weapon, but also with a strong warning; clear the area in the other direction. Any sign of me following will result in my death.


Day 2. Massacre

Once again I found myself wounded and on top of a car surrounded by brain munchers. For one reason or another I called out for help on the proximity chat. Good thing there wasn’t any ‘hunters’ around or I would have been gunned down for my ..well, nothing, since I hand no items on me again! Luckily these band of merry men took care of the few zombies around me and wanted me to tag along. Blood trail and all.


Maybe it’s a custom in these parts but these lot dropped me another Santa Claus beard and hat on the house. Who am I to complain; while my blood trail painted the streets, keeping things interesting on the dramatic visual side. Notice the darker tint in colour as health is low.


Meeting zombies at the mall, its going down. Our brief spell of looting within Frosty Pines resort town as a group came to an end abruptly, to be honest they kept on taking every last drop of ‘item’ found as we rummaged the town, building after building. My trail of blood ever present.

As soon as we took a right heading towards the diner, one took point. While the helmet wearer stayed in the middle; out of no where, next to the Humvee, a sure shot was fired from an unknown location. Instantly taking out Mr helmet over here with a tasty headshot!


The animations were superb. So I cut in between a side street, since I was keeping my distance to begin with. Wall hackers. another shot was fired straight away resulting in my death by ‘NOOOOOO’, interesting choice of name. 

Day 3. Airport


Leaving my troubles behind, jetting across the map south west I finally made it to Ridgeway Airport. Scoping the place out for the first time, it seemed pretty quiet. Not too much zombie activity going on. Creeping past restless souls, past the car park I found a chocolate bar which was needed; to the right a former police officer in search of brains patrolled the lot, restlessly of course.


Reaching the tarmac after finding a baseball bat at the exit of the car park, just as the sun was coming over the hills in this early morning scene;  I found a downed choppers. To the right, the runway stretched for quite some distance. Since there appeared to be a few big hangers (bigger than the in game Norad Military base), a few other downed fighter jets and what seemed to be a radio tower to go search for booty. I decided to turn to the left, Impaling this rasclart zombie was a breeze, but something caught my eye soon after. Towards the front of this chopper laid a Uzi on the dashboard + a clip of 20!


Turning to the left laid a huge 747 in the distance, within seconds it was as if I said ‘fuck this shit, I’m going to explore that big bitch over there!!’


The big bitch in all it’s glory.


Within seconds of starting to explore this bitch, I find that I could not move in any direction, only pivot. For the second time I found myself trapped by some invisible objects in this game. The only thing left to do is kill off my character and lose all my equipment. The last time this happened, without me creating a new character and racing to the same exact spot in hopes of picking up my gear; I ended up losing mainly a Shotgun and now it’s the newly acquired Uzi a world filled with killers and nervous bastards.

Day 4 – tbc 

Peace, RADEC

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