Babidi’s Chef

First time I bothered going to one of those events at end of October, these two ‘journalists’ rolled up to me (the one holding the camera seriously looking like Babidi‘s twin). Only for a short interview (and not to discuss a means to revive certain creations), freestyled a quick industry analysis plus my thoughts on what was on show.  Other than that, someone … Continue reading

Vaider’s Kicks

While working somewhere in North London, we decided to take in some sun in the garden plus i had my red Supra‘s on (which right now look messed!) Chillin’ – Images courtesy of the Canon 500D, conversation floating around the xperia X10 we both stole.  Joking, next time you see a person of colour walking … Continue reading

Princess Park Lunatic Asylum Manor

Forget the Porsche, Ferrari and Lambo’s around Princess Park; the best way to roll is in the Renault Clio 1.6L! Student life a while back towards the end of summer after kicking some ball in the park. Dom on that 90’s Business man vibe, with the phone to the ear locking ‘Sasha’ lool Can’t remember what football match was on … Continue reading

Pizza and Misguided Miscreants

“Only hope can give rise to the emotion we call despair. But it is nearly impossible for a man to try to live without hope, so I guess that leaves Man no choice but to walk around with despair as his companion.” Manglobe house one of my favorite anime series ever made, Samurai Champloo! (amongst … Continue reading

Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell


The observer; Hello world. Outside my local shop, recently refurbished due to my endless pursuit of purchasing RedBull throughout the 12Years of living in Islington, Angel. This post serves as my  Hello World and to those that don’t understand it’s meaning or place, it’s a simple program that introduces beginners to the world of programming, in this case its my introduction to blogs. More importantly Hello World … Continue reading