Rad3c Academy

Since it seems that iv abandoned this space, Here’s something different. Not so much as random content, rather a more personal instance into one of the many minds behind this cover. “Yo, man, y’all want to buy a blender?” The colour green invokes a time where RADEC was left to his own devices, gleaming into a system called the DREAMCAST. The game was Army … Continue reading

Your Kung-Fu is Weak!

A brother from another mother, Hip-Fu once said, It’s not an overstatement to say that without the Shaw Brothers there would not have been a kung fu movie industry, such was the importance of their contribution. Before the Shaws machine cranked into action, Hong Kong martial arts and swordfight films were strictly low-budget and usually about Wong Fei … Continue reading

Vaider’s Kicks

While working somewhere in North London, we decided to take in some sun in the garden plus i had my red Supra‘s on (which right now look messed!) Chillin’ – Images courtesy of the Canon 500D, conversation floating around the xperia X10 we both stole.  Joking, next time you see a person of colour walking … Continue reading