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Out of thought and situation, I have been randomly writing the start of what seems to be a Victorian tale. A novel; following an upper class family, but more closely following through the world that made and surrounded such people during that time. The emphasis being on two sisters by the name of Eliza and … Continue reading

The War Z

It’s been a while. Following a recent encounter with what seemed to be a lone traveler, to then a group of 6 other well armed players appearing from the backdrop of Boulder city’s flooded streets. The War Z Alpha stage. After out pacing a group of zombies, I spotted the lone ranger to the side … Continue reading

Rad3c Academy

Since it seems that iv abandoned this space, Here’s something different. Not so much as random content, rather a more personal instance into one of the many minds behind this cover. “Yo, man, y’all want to buy a blender?” The colour green invokes a time where RADEC was left to his own devices, gleaming into a system called the DREAMCAST. The game was Army … Continue reading


Stand to attention but let the player keep playing that funk, the General is back. Break in the 80’s House sound (in that Newham Generals, Flying Lotus and Afro Funk infusion). Furthermore,  you are  not a Grime fan if you cannot spit a D Double E 16 bar. It’s been a while and I haven’t been attending to this space, so I bring you … Continue reading


Came across these illustrations a while back from a book entitled Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters (1972) by Gōjin Ishihara. Ishihara basically illustrates some supernatural monsters and creatures (yōkai 妖怪) from Japanese legend/folklore, so what better way to seriously start thinking about ink than right here. Yurei – ghost that exists on Earth until it can be … Continue reading

Your Kung-Fu is Weak!

A brother from another mother, Hip-Fu once said, It’s not an overstatement to say that without the Shaw Brothers there would not have been a kung fu movie industry, such was the importance of their contribution. Before the Shaws machine cranked into action, Hong Kong martial arts and swordfight films were strictly low-budget and usually about Wong Fei … Continue reading


Fresh Supra’s, simply took one look & parted with my monies; SUPRA CUBAN 1.5 BLACK SUEDE / GUM Extra heel protection molded into comfortable thick high memory polyurethane insole. Exclusive SUPRAFOAM® midsole providing foot impact resistance, optimal shoe flex and board feel. Great to get my Nigel Sylvester on around London ..Nothing more, nothing less OFWGKTA   Peace, … Continue reading

Cyber Dog Days

‘When you think about it, a major theme of cyberpunk fiction was the idea that we were heading towards an era where giant, faceless corporations would know everything about us and control every aspect of our lives, and that the very concept of privacy would be a myth. Oh, and the Japanese would be running … Continue reading

Illicit Hypervisor

Update – Mathieulh Decrypts lv0 on Firmware 3.73 – LV2Diag/ObjectiveSuite w/instructions leaked  + etc In response to the police raid issued by Sony on Graf_chokolo‘s private home in Germany, the publication of his Hypervisor files was assured. “IDA database is the documentation, it contains all my knowledge, Linux booting is also there. It contains all the code … Continue reading